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The First D5 Zoom Jam was held on the normal 2nd Sunday of the Month Jam Date of January 10, 2021,

led be D5 Vice-President Eric Anderson.

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There were about 22 participants.   Eric would share the Chord charts and lead the group using a pre-recorded guitar accompaniment.   The individual participants would then follow the leader, but would be muted from the rest of the participants, but they could still be see and be seen by all.  There are technical restrictions that make a full multi-way real-time feed impossible.

D5 Zoom Jam Participants

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The jam session was followed with an open mic. Each participant was "given the mic" (session was un-muted) so all the other Zoom participants could hear and play along.

The plan is to continue holding Zoom jam's will COVID-19 restrictions prevent in person jam sessions.  All of the participants were pleased with this method.. and happy to see each other again.