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Memorial Article - Peggy Rheault (Click this link for the Memorial Article)


From Bob FItzGerald --

Regarding the death last November of Peggy Rheault, who was a member of District 5 and whom volunteered at the reception desk & snack bar at the District 5 monthly jams at the Grange. She also was a volunteer & supporter of what I always will refer to as “Preston’s Jam” at Lakewood Village. She even sang with us sometimes at that jam session. Because of all her involvement with those, I know she had a lot of CSOTFA friends that should know of her passing. Perhaps by reading the attached memorial article they’ll now also know a little about her background.

In addition to all that, for years Peggy provided transportation for Gary Goodenough to those jam sessions, and to my Country Club Aires (CCA) men’s chorus & band rehearsals & gigs every week.
Bob Fitzgerald, Retired CSOTFA#5 Master Of Ceremonies + Preston’s Jam Sound Man & Emcee

CCA Business Manager & Webmaster

Also Webmaster (where this article is also published on my alumni “Departed” page.)